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95% dentists pay more tax than they are legally required to…. You don’t have to be one of them!

Enjoy a better quality of life today and a comfortable retirement tomorrow by legally paying less tax.

Research shows that 95% of dentists overpay their taxes by 10% to 50%. Would you want to find out where you are on this over-payment scale?

Dentists are on top of the list of most over-taxed Americans. They also top the list of those who voluntarily pay more tax than they are legally required to pay because their dental CPA is not doing the job.

In addition to being crushed by “Corporate Dentistry,” decreasing insurance reimbursements, outrageous PPO shenanigans, and a system bent upon squeezing the most dollars out of them every way possible, dentists pay more tax than what is legally due thanks to “their most trusted advisors,” the dental accountant and dental CPA.

Dentists are very aware that they pay huge amounts of money in taxes. They just don’t know what to do about this problem. When they ask their CPA, accountant, and adviser that how can they reduce their tax liabilities, they are either told that nothing can be done or are advised to buy life insurance policies which cost a lot of money and in the long run only make the insurance agents rich, producing uncertain and minimal tax benefits for dentists.

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You’re in an elite profession… but if you still find yourself not living the lifestyle of your peers, if you still struggle with debt—from school or starting/buying a practice, probably this is because you are paying too much in tax.

Paying too much tax is a condition which although morbid, can be cured by proper planning and employing tax reduction strategies which are already being used by other high net worth individuals.

Research shows that 95% of dentists overpay their taxes by
10% to 50%
would you want to find out where you stand?

The key here is proactive tax planning and careful strategizing to minimize the tax burden legally by using an efficient accounting system, continuous monitoring of practice income and expenses, and flawless implementation of IRS-approved and court-tested strategies.

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You can save half of what you pay in taxes every year by using ADVANCED tax saving strategies (which your dental CPA does not know about)…IRS-approved and court-tested techniques regardless of where you practice in America.

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Guaranteed Benefits of Free Tax Analysis

  1. You don’t pay a dime for it. The tax and financial analysis service being offered here is totally free and with no obligation to you. You risk nothing and stand to gain money that will change your life.
  2. You will avoid the stress of the unknown. The anxiety of not knowing if you are in fact overpaying in taxes and by how much will be relieved.
  3. You will have a better quality of life as you will have more money at your disposal. Take vacations, spend time with family and retire earlier.
  4. From now on you will only pay the taxes you legally owe… and not one cent more.
  5. You may be even able to get back some for the money you overpaid in taxes in the past.
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